v. To strike or punch; n. A blow or punch.
This fist is going o biff you!
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
Biff Tannen from the movie "Back To The Future". He could kick Michael J. Fox's ass even *before* he got the shakes.
"Oh no, it's Biff. Quick, beam me up Doc !!!"
by handle187 November 07, 2003
To accidentally exhale when taking a hit from a bong or marijuana pipe, causing the weed to fly out of the device.
Dude, you biffed it! Now we gotta pack it again and there's a burn mark in the carpet. Good one, asshole!
by John October 12, 2003
To be confused

To take a bump of ketmaine
"You're such a biff"

"Just a little biff for me, thanks".
by Steph September 14, 2003
n. An oafish character
Hey, look at that biff over there.

My Brother is a complete biff.
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
A scouse way of saying, 'cigarette'
Come 'ed lad, let's go outside fora biff
by trolleyman2 November 06, 2010
Kiwi (New Zealand) term meaning to discard into a waste recepticle.
Want any more of these chups bro or should biff them?
by Is very moody May 11, 2010
Bi-Sexual friends forever. Duh!
Two gay or bisexual best friends of the same sex but also attracted to the same sex. Thats a biff.
by LoveHurts March 29, 2010

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