v. To strike or punch; n. A blow or punch.
This fist is going o biff you!
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
a derogotory term for a fat woman. Who has a pouch of fat in the front that gives her the appearance of having two butts. BIFF = Butt in the Front
ABE: Look at that butt in the front

George: whoa she's a biff
by el presidente McCheese August 06, 2006
Someone's boyfriend.
i'd like to introduce you to my biff, mike.
by frsssstv February 27, 2006
To break wind
That biff smelt nasty
by James October 23, 2003
the act of love making(shaggin)
"jesus look at the tits on that, shes well worth a biffin"
by biff March 22, 2003
Something that is really cool, something awesome and stellar
Whoa that movie was so biff!
How are u doing?, im doing pretty biff!
by Biff12345678 May 11, 2012
(VERB) To borrow with no intent of returning, to spend all gas money on reese's, dip, four loco's, alchol, beer and/or scratchers.
Yo can I biff a dip bro?

Yo I can I biff food from you?
by scrawning gigantor July 08, 2011
To fall, very painfully.
Dude, I just biffed so f'n hard, look at my ass.
by xlxjackelxlx March 03, 2011
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