v. To strike or punch; n. A blow or punch.
This fist is going o biff you!
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
Just another word for a nasty rip-roaring good old fashioned fart.
Dude, did you just biff in my car?!
by The Biffmaster May 14, 2012
a womans naughty area aka pussy, fanny and so on
To girl: Show us ya biff!!!

Dude i slip her one in the biff last nite
by Gibb, The one and only November 11, 2006
An online genderless Twitter personality famous for their off-the-wall banter and good will.
Did you favorite @Biff_1ras most recent tweet? They are hilarious!
by Firegurl May 29, 2015
A term used to describe:
1. The action of hitting something or knocking something over.

2. A holder for your weed. Usually a folded-in-half small booklet; i.e: a game manual. Also acts as somewhere to hand break your greens. *Also known as a Biffer, called biff for short.
- "Dude pass me the biff²!"
- "You biffed¹ the biff²!" (You knocked over the weed holder!)
- "I biffed¹ him in the face good!"
- Throw in on the biff²!
by 709944RepresentBah December 09, 2012
Spliff, cannabis cigarette, joint, doobie etc etc
Let just sit here and smoke a massive biff.

Smoking that biff was a poor idea before work.
by AlexHag November 24, 2006
A really fuckin' stupid person.
That kid we met earlier, was he mentally retarted or was he just Biff?
by Joseph Poon August 22, 2003
<n>.A nickname that is given to a big dumb idiot that walks like an ape.
"Com on Biff don't be such a fucking dumb ass"
"Geoffrey is a perfect Biff he always doing stupid shit"
by lukeRad August 27, 2007
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