v. To strike or punch; n. A blow or punch.
This fist is going o biff you!
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
Word of Irish Gaelic origin; an insult. Use this handy acronym to remember the meaning:

B ig
I ignorant
F at
F ucker
Man, Miguel Caron is such a biff. I hate him.
by The Zebu January 25, 2004
best friend, generally the ultimate best friend

derived from the word bffl
Elendea is my biff, we have known each other for 6 years.
by Nicole June 15, 2006
To have an epic fail or get seriously hurt.
"Dude that skate boarder just BIFFED it." "Hey did u hear that a kid BIFFED it down the stairs by the school."
by DeltaSnipr April 09, 2010
Best Internet Friends Forever
Internet Buddy #1: Will you be my BIFF?
Internet Buddy #2: Oh really? Do ya mean it?

Internet Buddy #1: Yep.
Internet Buddy #2: Yes, yes of course I will be your BIFF.
by Captain "Soap" MacTavish February 20, 2010
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