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-noun 1 One enlightening the world on religion from a historical perspective since conception because like Jesus in the Koran, Biehn also spoke at birth. 2 Proof of evolution's existence. 3 Proof of a Creationism. 4 A proponent of the Hasbro Company's Easy-Bake Oven. 5 Awkward moment.

-verb (biehning; past biehned; past part. biehned)1 The act in which the palm is facing outward and a wave is conducted in a half-arc motion.

-Synonyms 1. infelicitous
1.) And God said, "Let there be Biehn," and there was Biehn.

2.) Natural selection

3.) The patented "Half Arc Wave"
by IXII August 06, 2007
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