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An epidemic sweeping the nation, which involves young girls becoming obsessed with Justin Bieber. Scientists are currently working on an anti-biotic, but there is no tangible end in sight.
12 year old girl: OMG I'm totally the person Justin Bieber is talking about in "Somebody to Love"!!!

Reasonable Person: Damn girl, you've got a serious case of Biebonic Plague.
by N-Cads September 13, 2010
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When you're surrounded by so much Bieber Fever, that you can't help but give in and be a Bieleber.
Girl 1: Ew, Justin Bieber..
Girl 2: Nooo, Justin Bieber is cute and a good singer, etc.
Girl 1: Oh.. true. I think Justin Bieber's actually pretty amazing now.
Girl 3: Oh no, I think you've caught the Biebonic Plague now..
by Kazface April 30, 2010
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