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A lesbian with side bangs that resembles the pop phenom Justin Bieber. This word was made popular by the blog
"Omg. Is that Justin Bieber?!"
"No. Thats Rebecca, our local Biebian."
by rockandrollgypsies April 01, 2010
30 12

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a lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber.
"I was at American Apparel the other day and I thought I saw Justin Bieber buying a hoodie... but it turned out to be just a biebian."
by scarlb12 April 01, 2010
235 81
A lesbian that looks like Justin Bieber. See
Person 1: Holy crap, it's Justin Bieber!
Person 2: No, that's just a biebian. See, there's her girlfriend now.
by kewhkies May 20, 2010
53 20
Biebians = Lesbians who resemble Justin Bieber
My little sister was devastated to find out that the Biebian she asked for an autograph was not really Justin, but she did get the Biebians phone number.
by BB on Kings May 19, 2010
30 15
lesbian who looks like teen pop sensation Justin Bieber
Girl: Omg do you see what I see?
Boy: What?
Girl: That lady, she looks like a biebian!
by hasmel April 05, 2010
23 13
A lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber
Oh my goodness look at that girl over there, she's such a biebian.
by soshleesays April 01, 2010
24 14