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1. The belief that everything that has happened in the world since Justin Bieber's rise to fame has been because of him.

2. What Nostradamous predictied who would be the anti-chirst.

3. Proof that the world will end on December 21, 2012. (Mayan Calendar)
2009: Do you actually believe Nostradamous and the Mayan Calendar which says the end will be in 2012? Please! Who's this Justin Bieber? Jonas Brothers all day!

2010: OMG look at the disaters we've had in the world. Oh yeah, I have Bieber Fever. I looovvveee him! Jonas Brothers who? T-Shirt TIME!!!!

2011: Another catastrophe in the world and Rebecca Black annoying me with Friday. Oh yeah, Justin Bieber has a new movie. Wait....this is wierd. Ever since Justin Bieber became famous, all these things are happening. Hmm...I wonder if he has something to do with this

2012: OMG the world is ending and it's all because of Justin Bieber. The anti-christ that Nostradamous said would come to destroy and take over. It's Biebercopalypse. SAVE YOURSELVES WHILE YOU CAN!!!!
by Distortioncat April 08, 2011