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a snowboarding term when while on a rail you are in a 5050 slightly tilted toward a front board, about 10 degrees, and call it a front board
dude did you just see that kid do a bieber!
by JeremyG33 March 01, 2009
53 82
A long, thin penis. Opposite of a chode.
Did you hear about Michael? His girlfriend was gonna blow him yesterday but he had a Bieber! She ran crying.
by EdlSnchz May 01, 2011
9 39
a fart
person one: omg that guy just biebered
person two : ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Person three: *choke, choke* *cough cough*

person one: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
person two:we are going to die
Person three (calmly): i'm hungry
by um,igotnothing June 19, 2010
44 75
The new Slang Word For Vagina.
"Dude Stop being Such a Bieber"
by lala12345678 December 11, 2009
102 134
A long and skinny penis.
Omg! i went into the boy's locker room and the really hot kid luke has a bieber!! Ewwww

E.S. made this word up credits to him :)
by Edi.S. March 17, 2011
9 42
To faux stab, faux shank, or injury someone only for their discomfort but your and everyone else's amusement whilst singing a Justin Bieber lyric.
*Sneak up on someone with a pen in your hand, as you jab their side you say* "BIEBER!"


Singing a Justin Bieber song, you faux-stab on "oooh!" as such..."It's like baby baby baby OOOH!"
by fastening August 13, 2010
16 53
1) The last name of popular pop singer Justin Bieber.
2) A term used to describe an older boy with a really high voice.
"Justin Beiber? Nah, I don't like him."

"Oh my gosh, did you hear that kid over there talk? He's a total Bieber."
by Tee-Eye-TeeTIGHT March 17, 2010
76 115