Believe in everything because everything's reachable
That's what justin biebers last name means
Never say never - justin bieber
by @meganbieber094 February 17, 2012
The last name of Justin used as an alternative to swear words.
What the Bieber?
Holy Bieber!
Bieber that!
by linteannawen September 11, 2011
A failure at life. Has no purpose in life but to just take up space and air on this earth. Has no athletic abilities except for things to do with balls.
Wow that kid is such a bieber
by Jake Heron August 30, 2008
1. A dyke who takes care of her appearance.
2. The lesbian equivalent of a metrosexual.
3. An adolescent male who is easily mistaken for being a lesbian.
Guy1 "Even though that lesbian is wearing men's clothes I still think she looks really hot."

Guy2" Yeah she's a total Bieber"
by Greatflyingfetus March 12, 2010
A sexual act, when a man ejaculates onto a woman's bush before swirling the semen with the tip of his penis. Inspired by Justin Bieber's haircut.
I took home a Butte girl and gave her a bieber
by jstep84 February 06, 2011
the act of making a fool of oneself, saying something that sounds dumb
Boy: abraham lincoln was the first president of the united states
Girl: he just bieber'ed himself
by bieberfever10 July 10, 2010
1. an adolescent beaver
2. slang for an adolescent girl's vagina
Guy: "Nice bieber!"
Girl: "Thank you. I just had it stuffed."
by Quaabie July 15, 2010

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