A last name you give to a person who appears to be or acts fruity by nature.
Just add the last name of "Bieber" to anyones name who is your target for flaming and trolling. Here's an example:

Homophobe: Hey fag whats your name?

gay looking guy: My name is Brandon. Why?

Homophobe: You're a fag and your name is Brandon Bieber from now on.
by Saddamn Bieber August 21, 2010
Bieber- An increment of time that lasts approx 30 seconds but never more than 1 minute. Due to excitement actions get performed at hyper speed.
My husband gets off in a bieber. sex sucks with him.

Hi, I am on my way home, I will be there in a bieber.

Microwave your hot pocket 2 minutes, if not warm in the center put back in the microwave for a bieber.
by SmallGovBigGuns November 02, 2011
1. Another name for Satan
2. A slang for a gay guy
3. The reason why i hate pop today
1. I heard that Sally is a belieber
3. I hate bieber.
by Some guy that eats tacos January 01, 2011
Justin Bieber, is 2010 version of Hanson, a young blond haired boy trying to cash in before his voice breaks and the screaming crowd dies down and you can actually hear him.
Bieber, I love that chick.
by rossism April 28, 2010
1. An ignorant person
2. A close friend, someone who you can roll one with
1. Whats good ma bieber
2. Fuck these other biebers cause im down for my bieber
3. This damn bieber
by kid punk January 26, 2014
A word used in newspaper and magazine headlines indicating that readers do not need to read any further and should skip to the next article. Similar to 'Gaga', 'Ulrika', 'X-Factor', '...got talent', 'Cowell' etc."
It only took me 6 minutes to read my newspaper today - it was just one Bieber after another.
by Dr Foap January 24, 2014
1. To sexually objectify a minor, mostly used in pedophiliac circles.

Also; To beiber
That kid is a total bieber, i hope i can persuade him to jump in my windowless van.
by CaptAjel February 15, 2011
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