a synonym to the word gay.
I just sucked a dick, I am a total bieber
by klik_N64 August 27, 2010
annoying, short, stupid, retarted, gay, high pitched, slow,ugly, fagtastic
Dude, quit being all bieber! or STFU! YOUR VOICE IS SO BIEBER!!
by Mrs.BillKaulitz January 28, 2010
The act or instance of defecating.
"You don't want to go in there, I just took a huge Bieber."
by Mr. Biggles, IV November 28, 2013
The worst thing you can be mistaken for or an insult of extreme quality.
Ex #1. Fan: OMG IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Oh wait, nvm. False alarm.
Guy mistaken for Bieber: Fml

Ex. #2. Person: Dude, you are so Bieber.
by That Other Random Guy......... January 07, 2012
Biggest faggot in the world. Many girls may like him but must be on something. He is a boys worst nightmare and a girls dream. He is a pain in the neck for any guy trying to get a girl
Wow that guy is as gay asd bieber
by Jlk123 November 01, 2011
The worst insult in the history of worst insults!
Guy 1: I just broke up with my girlfriend...

Guy 2: Dude... you're such a Bieber...

Guy 1: Dude... we're done... that was mean, man...
by Meisamazingbejealous October 11, 2011
Used as a noun (and sometimes a verb), Bieber is an arguably non-talented male singer selling records based on looks, image, marketability first and musical content second.

The target audience is pubescent females who band together to create a disgustingly cult-like fandom.
"Hey, have you heard of Austin Mahone?"

"Yeah, he's just another Bieber."

"How about Cody Simpson, One Direction, and Hunter Hayes?"

"They all suck and have no talent. They're all just Biebers"
by TrytheVeal June 08, 2014

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