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The worst thing you can be mistaken for or an insult of extreme quality.
Ex #1. Fan: OMG IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Oh wait, nvm. False alarm.
Guy mistaken for Bieber: Fml

Ex. #2. Person: Dude, you are so Bieber.
by That Other Random Guy......... January 07, 2012
Common name given to a grown man who texts, emails and talks in a manner much more suited to 12 year old girls. Often attempts to cover this persona by claiming fictional relations with maternal entities of known associates.
"What's the moron's name that always ends his emails with those dumb smiley faces?"

"Oh, you mean Bieber?"
"Yeah that's him, he just sent another reference about my mom, then signed it with a smiley face. That sure was funny when I was not quite yet a teenager."
by Vice Cap'n Berry August 19, 2013
The most humiliating put-down for being a whiney bitch or pussy that should almost always provoke a reaction of compliance.
Hey man I just got out of work, let's go get some beers!
-"I can't dude, I have to wake up early tomorrow"
Stop being such a fucking Bieber and meet me at Sully's.
-"Fuck you dude... I'll be there in an hour."
by American Cousin July 08, 2012
A Bieber is a military target that has been obliterated by a hugely excessive amount of ordnance, often fired in a frenzied and uncontrolled manner.
When the enemy entered the crosshairs, I clamped my finger hard on the trigger until the ammo ran out. My target was transformed into one humongous Bieber! The rotary barrel was still spinning long after the last shell had left the muzzle. The smell of cordite emanating from the massive pile of spent casings was intoxicating...
by Mad Dog 2000 February 12, 2012
1. To sexually objectify a minor, mostly used in pedophiliac circles.

Also; To beiber
That kid is a total bieber, i hope i can persuade him to jump in my windowless van.
by CaptAjel February 15, 2011
A word used in newspaper and magazine headlines indicating that readers do not need to read any further and should skip to the next article. Similar to 'Gaga', 'Ulrika', 'X-Factor', '...got talent', 'Cowell' etc."
It only took me 6 minutes to read my newspaper today - it was just one Bieber after another.
by Dr Foap January 24, 2014
The act or instance of defecating.
"You don't want to go in there, I just took a huge Bieber."
by Mr. Biggles, IV November 28, 2013