adj; a word to describe something that is utterly stupid and wack -.-
guy: "hey watcha doin'?"

dude: "im reading Twilite"
guy: "DUDE!!!!! that is so BIEBER!!!"
by Ryu1er February 09, 2011
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A very small penis, around 3 inches or less in length and circumference, like Justin Biebers penis.
Girl: "I was gonna give my new boyfriend a blowjob last night, but pulled down his pants and saw that he had a Bieber. I laughed and broke up with him immediately."
by bieberhasnoballs May 23, 2010
A unit of measurement used to gauge the level of discomfort caused by hemorroids. Each unit is roughly equivalent to the pain and discomfort of watching a Justin Bieber video.
I'd give it a 4 on the Bieber scale.
by Darwin Bonaparte June 01, 2010
1. The physical embodiment of all that is gay, fake and weak.

2. A male that will never reach puberty, not even with testosterone therapy. Thus having underdeveloped balls indefinitely.

3. A fag who should of just stuck to being a quire boy.
1. I can't believe you went and got fudge-packed, You are such a Bieber!

2. That kid turned 22 and still didn't hit puberty. It's classic Bieber syndrome.
by TheKegBringer October 17, 2010
Something small and insignificant that annoys you greatly.
To annoy someone with something small and insignificant.
"That Justin Biebler kid really biebers me."
by Drunk Ex-Pastors November 17, 2014
A unit of measurement describing the size of a penis.
1 Bieber = 0.6 inches
by SUPA FUG DUP May 24, 2014
1. An ignorant person
2. A close friend, someone who you can roll one with
1. Whats good ma bieber
2. Fuck these other biebers cause im down for my bieber
3. This damn bieber
by kid punk January 26, 2014
A word used in newspaper and magazine headlines indicating that readers do not need to read any further and should skip to the next article. Similar to 'Gaga', 'Ulrika', 'X-Factor', ' talent', 'Cowell' etc."
It only took me 6 minutes to read my newspaper today - it was just one Bieber after another.
by Dr Foap January 24, 2014

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