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Like a weiner only smaller.

A very small penis.

Named in honour of popular singer Justin Bieber, a small weiner believed by many to have an extremely small penis.
Q: I heard Justin Bieber's weiner is just a bieber. Can that be true?

A: Yes indeed: modern science has shown it to be negligibly small.
by Pipe Downn November 12, 2010
The new Slang Word For Vagina.
"Dude Stop being Such a Bieber"
by lala12345678 December 11, 2009
a snowboarding term when while on a rail you are in a 5050 slightly tilted toward a front board, about 10 degrees, and call it a front board
dude did you just see that kid do a bieber!
by JeremyG33 March 01, 2009
A long, thin penis. Opposite of a chode.
Did you hear about Michael? His girlfriend was gonna blow him yesterday but he had a Bieber! She ran crying.
by EdlSnchz May 01, 2011
the sexiest, awsome, most down to earth guy ever.white an huge penis
hey look its justin bieber
by no.1 bieleber July 20, 2011
A long and skinny penis.
Omg! i went into the boy's locker room and the really hot kid luke has a bieber!! Ewwww

E.S. made this word up credits to him :)
by Edi.S. March 17, 2011
To faux stab, faux shank, or injury someone only for their discomfort but your and everyone else's amusement whilst singing a Justin Bieber lyric.
*Sneak up on someone with a pen in your hand, as you jab their side you say* "BIEBER!"


Singing a Justin Bieber song, you faux-stab on "oooh!" as such..."It's like baby baby baby OOOH!"
by fastening August 13, 2010
1) The last name of popular pop singer Justin Bieber.
2) A term used to describe an older boy with a really high voice.
"Justin Beiber? Nah, I don't like him."

"Oh my gosh, did you hear that kid over there talk? He's a total Bieber."
by Tee-Eye-TeeTIGHT March 17, 2010