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Like a weiner only smaller.

A very small penis.

Named in honour of popular singer Justin Bieber, a small weiner believed by many to have an extremely small penis.
Q: I heard Justin Bieber's weiner is just a bieber. Can that be true?

A: Yes indeed: modern science has shown it to be negligibly small.
by Pipe Downn November 12, 2010
The act of throwing up because something is so horrendous.
If you've ever seen Jersey Shore, then you've probably Bieber'd or have come very close to Bieber'n.
by Zuthner March 02, 2011
gay homo squeaky voice small penis no talent weird girls like daniella becci char
whos bieber
by danny skidd April 13, 2010
1. An ignorant person
2. A close friend, someone who you can roll one with
1. Whats good ma bieber
2. Fuck these other biebers cause im down for my bieber
3. This damn bieber
by kid punk January 26, 2014
Justin Bieber, is 2010 version of Hanson, a young blond haired boy trying to cash in before his voice breaks and the screaming crowd dies down and you can actually hear him.
Bieber, I love that chick.
by rossism April 28, 2010
annoying, short, stupid, retarted, gay, high pitched, slow,ugly, fagtastic
Dude, quit being all bieber! or STFU! YOUR VOICE IS SO BIEBER!!
by Mrs.BillKaulitz January 28, 2010
Believe in everything because everything's reachable
That's what justin biebers last name means
Never say never - justin bieber
by @meganbieber094 February 17, 2012
The last name of Justin used as an alternative to swear words.
What the Bieber?
Holy Bieber!
Bieber that!
by linteannawen September 11, 2011