Like a weiner only smaller.

A very small penis.

Named in honour of popular singer Justin Bieber, a small weiner believed by many to have an extremely small penis.
Q: I heard Justin Bieber's weiner is just a bieber. Can that be true?

A: Yes indeed: modern science has shown it to be negligibly small.
by Pipe Downn November 12, 2010
The worst insult in the history of worst insults!
Guy 1: I just broke up with my girlfriend...

Guy 2: Dude... you're such a Bieber...

Guy 1: Dude... we're done... that was mean, man...
by Meisamazingbejealous October 11, 2011
The act of throwing up because something is so horrendous.
If you've ever seen Jersey Shore, then you've probably Bieber'd or have come very close to Bieber'n.
by Zuthner March 02, 2011
adj; a word to describe something that is utterly stupid and wack -.-
guy: "hey watcha doin'?"

dude: "im reading Twilite"
guy: "DUDE!!!!! that is so BIEBER!!!"
by Ryu1er February 09, 2011
Used as a noun (and sometimes a verb), Bieber is an arguably non-talented male singer selling records based on looks, image, marketability first and musical content second.

The target audience is pubescent females who band together to create a disgustingly cult-like fandom.
"Hey, have you heard of Austin Mahone?"

"Yeah, he's just another Bieber."

"How about Cody Simpson, One Direction, and Hunter Hayes?"

"They all suck and have no talent. They're all just Biebers"
by TrytheVeal June 08, 2014
The most humiliating put-down for being a whiney bitch or pussy that should almost always provoke a reaction of compliance.
Hey man I just got out of work, let's go get some beers!
-"I can't dude, I have to wake up early tomorrow"
Stop being such a fucking Bieber and meet me at Sully's.
-"Fuck you dude... I'll be there in an hour."
by American Cousin July 08, 2012
Acting like a girl
Opposite of Man
Oh, Your such a Bieber
by loveyoujbiebs1158 January 29, 2011
A last name you give to a person who appears to be or acts fruity by nature.
Just add the last name of "Bieber" to anyones name who is your target for flaming and trolling. Here's an example:

Homophobe: Hey fag whats your name?

gay looking guy: My name is Brandon. Why?

Homophobe: You're a fag and your name is Brandon Bieber from now on.
by Saddamn Bieber August 21, 2010

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