Like a weiner only smaller.

A very small penis.

Named in honour of popular singer Justin Bieber, a small weiner believed by many to have an extremely small penis.
Q: I heard Justin Bieber's weiner is just a bieber. Can that be true?

A: Yes indeed: modern science has shown it to be negligibly small.
by Pipe Downn November 12, 2010
gay homo squeaky voice small penis no talent weird girls like daniella becci char
whos bieber
by danny skidd April 13, 2010
A person that made everybody make a definition of Justin Bieber being gay or having a small penis (which is all true)
1) Bieber is a homo

2) A small dick

3) Haven't hit puberty yet/or never will in his life

4) Has lots of definitions of being gay/having a small dick/not hitting puberty yet
by Oshkoshbigosh February 07, 2011
1. The physical embodiment of all that is gay, fake and weak.

2. A male that will never reach puberty, not even with testosterone therapy. Thus having underdeveloped balls indefinitely.

3. A fag who should of just stuck to being a quire boy.
1. I can't believe you went and got fudge-packed, You are such a Bieber!

2. That kid turned 22 and still didn't hit puberty. It's classic Bieber syndrome.
by TheKegBringer October 17, 2010
(v) - To react to something vile or disgusting by throwing up a little in one's mouth.
~ Biebers; Biebered; Biebering.
"Dude, put away the pictures of your family reunion at the nudist colony. Seriously, I just Biebered."
by RRLII June 04, 2015
Blatant homosexual
Normal guy 1 : Hey look at that toolbag wearing pink.
Normal guy 2: Wow what a fucking bieber.
by noyfbf February 10, 2011
A Bieber is a military target that has been obliterated by a hugely excessive amount of ordnance, often fired in a frenzied and uncontrolled manner.
When the enemy entered the crosshairs, I clamped my finger hard on the trigger until the ammo ran out. My target was transformed into one humongous Bieber! The rotary barrel was still spinning long after the last shell had left the muzzle. The smell of cordite emanating from the massive pile of spent casings was intoxicating...
by Mad Dog 2000 February 12, 2012
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