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1. The act of getting a hard-on, erection, woody, ect. while listening or looking at the newest pop sensation in a magazine or in the privacy of your home.
2. Fantasizing over the high pitched voice of a 16 yr. old boy who has no hair anywhere.
3. One who bones Justin Bieber, usually big black men or women with strap-ons, in his ass or vagina.
4. Construction of a shrine, to solidify your gayness for a lil boy. Also can be exhibited with posters or school supplies littered with the kid.
1. Gay Boy: "Yesterday I was listening to Justin Bieber, and I got a huge thumper."
Straight Boy: "So you got a Bieber Boner? Go sit on your thumb."
2. Fangirl: "That young boy just gets me sooo wet when i listen to his sensitive voice. If i was a boy id get a Bieber Boner."
Normal Guy: "Shut the fuck up, you stupid bizznitch!"
3. Black Guy: "I pounded Justin Bieber's ass so hard after his show last night."
Catholic Priest: "I wish I could do that!"
Random Guy: "Yall are Bieber boners!"
by BieberHater123 July 28, 2010
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The sort of boners pussies get.
Damn you got a bieber boner?
y3@h II gott@ g0 Toil3t.
by OhSoAwesome May 01, 2010
Something which no one really wants to see, yet is still reported on the news or other sources of media. If something is seen in the news every day we should call it "just another Bieber boner."
That segment on the news about the Republicans for gay rights was a real Bieber Boner.
by Palmer Scott June 17, 2011
The act of listening to so much Justin Bieber you get a boner.
Even listening to the "ohhh oohh oh" start of "baby",
you will get a boner.
Girls can get boners, too. That's how awesome he is.
If you even hear the name Justin Bieber,
you WILL get a boner, and you WILL love it.
"damn do you gotta bieber boner?"
"YEAH! His song just started"
by jaymesuxx April 08, 2010

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