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A condition in which the voice of a young boy does not mature from a high pitched squeal, akin to the voice of Justin Bieber. This may be followed by a sudden obsession in Bieber's music and subsequent fandom. Extreme cases may also result in a miniature penis and/or mangina.
The 17 year old child with the ungodly high-pitched voice has a bad case of Bieber Syndrome
by Mr. Kang of Kos June 22, 2010
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A very rare disease, in which a young teen (around 13-16) is unable to go through puberty for some ungodly reason. The side effects for the adolescent in question are usually microscopic testicles, however the worse side effects are experienced by near by persons, who are then forced to hear the screeching howls of the adolescent's singing voice.
Victim of Bieber Syndrome: "...and I was like BABY BABY OOOOOOOOOHHHH BABY BABY NOOOOOOHHH!!!"

Doctor: "Is euthanasia legal here?"
by imdefinitelynotjustinebeaver September 17, 2010

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