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A phrase made up by MTV Live host Daryn Jones says when anyone makes fun of Justin Bieber.
Nicole: I hate Justin Bieber.
Daryn: Well then you can bieber my balls

Nicole gets turned on because she wants to get with Daryn Jones, but he would never get with a girl as annoying as her.
by DJonesWifey December 03, 2010
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Sort of like, Suck my Dick. To be used when someone tries to tell you other wise and you just get so fed up that you want them to shut up.

Could also be used as another wording for "Oh my god" Which could be the best solution in front of religious people.
You: Yeah cheese is made from Chickens

Other: NO it's made from cows

You: Know what? Yeah it is, Bieber my balls.

Example 2:

Bieber my balls, its so cold outside.
by erectedunicorn January 13, 2011
To not give a fuck about Justin Bieber. Synonyms: Bieber can suck my balls, Bieber Likes Balls, Bieber Mis Huevos
Bieber Fan: have you heard of the new song by Justin Bieber
G: Bieber my balls, i dont give a fuck
by sh4rk September 22, 2011
To make someones testicles small like justin biebers. So small that their voice sounds like something from the chipmunks.
O Bieber My Balls
by Ellis3332342412 April 06, 2011
Can be used as an insult/come-back. Originated as a sexual act when a woman (or man) is fellating a man and uses her (or his) bangs to sweep across and tickle the balls.

The term/act was introduced on a women's website called Makeup Alley and spread like wildfire when many of the women tried this act with their romantic partners and reported back to the message boards.
That woman really knew how to Bieber My Balls", "Shut up. Bieber My Balls
by BmahB January 19, 2011

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