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Bieber Balls is an insult used on sombody who has small testicles.
Girl: I was going to go out with Kevin, but Jenny told me he had Bieber Balls.
by Masonator97 September 17, 2010
When someones testicles are so small their voice squeaks and sounds auto-tuned like Justin Bieber.
That poor boy he's got the worst case of Bieber Balls I've ever seen, and he's probably gay too.
by CplMcMuffin September 21, 2010
having extremely small testicles and a high pitched voice.
"Did you hear that kid singing, his voice is so fucking high, it's annoying!"
"Yea, he probably has bieber balls"
by kopis December 31, 2011
The act of extremely short people playing basketball
"Aw, so cute. Look, that little white boy is trying to play basketball."
"Yeah, isn't Bieberball hilarious!"
by em & phi April 05, 2010
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