The act of receiving a blumpkin and afterwards getting finished off with a human bidet. Given by the original blumpkin giver.

The bidet act involves using human saliva in order to cleanse the rectal area. It offers a much more thorough clean than just using the paper.
I felt really dirty after that blumpkin and I don't live in Europe. Thank God Celeste knows how to give a good bidumpkin.
by bleachedasshole October 05, 2011
Top Definition
1)(v) the act of getting oral sex while being clensed upon a bidet.

2) (n) a pumpkin with a big ass.

3) (n) an ass that looks like a pumpkin. (I.E size, shape, and/or color)
(1) Turetzky received a bidumpkin, first from Ed, then from Brad Turetzky....they're not even French!

(2) My oh my, it ain't even Halloween, but I'm seein' Bidumpkins all up in this piece!

(3) Bright orange with distinct vertical outlines, this ass gives off the distinct aura of a bidumpkin.
by Fanny Zwed July 11, 2004
variation of the blumpkin where one receives a blow job on a bidet, as opposed to the toilet.
the whore shot down kingpin when he asked for a bidumpkin then ordered room service.
by nunyabidness February 23, 2009
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