n. To program computer code mediocrely (at the very best) within a governmental agency. In the private sector, such coding would result in immediate firing. Whereas, such coding in the governmental sphere is lauded as brilliant and even groundbreaking often resulting in a promotion.

v. To attempt to program at the level of a remedial 1st year DeVry student.
System Analyst 1: She biddled the code so badly it feels like I am picking the corn outta crap to make it even remotely work. I'll be even luckier if the compiler does not blow up turning it into machine code.

System Analyst 2: I used to call her The Riddler b/c of her confusing and unviable code but I think she has sunk to the level of The Biddler.
by Whoak October 01, 2010
Top Definition
to get royally dicked over by your friends
Andrew wanted to be in the picture too, but when his friends asked him to take it, he got biddled.
by B-B-B-BAC December 01, 2004
to flirt with a women in means of speaking or touching in general
mike liked that hoe so he biddled her all night long
by jamesadams66 March 31, 2007
biddle: a form of measurement used to describe a small amount of something.

note: A biddle is more than a bit, a tiny bit less than a little but just a touch more than a tad.

"How much sugar do you want in your tea?"
"Just a biddle."
by hannytron December 09, 2011
essentially a synonym for basketball
person 1: yo man wanna go biddle tomorrow?

person 2: yeah sounds good
by bball4lyfe November 05, 2011
A dumb man slut, usually in their college years. Picture it: frat letters or polo, some jeans that their mother picked out, the scent of some heavy cologne in any social setting. When girls ask for a shot, biddles come out with rail shots because they are planning to rail them. Being a biddle makes it expectable to be a frat star prostitute. Call them up for a good time, any time! WARNING, do not engage in any type of relationship status except for slampiece with a biddle.
Biddle-"Oh hey girl! Oh damn you got a boyfriend?"
Girl- "Oh what a biddle!"

Damn this shit smells like Hollister, there must be a whole pack of biddles in here!"

"Man look at that biddle hitting on those bittys. It's like Jersey Shore biddle style."

"That biddle tried to take me home last night. MISTAKE!"
by 120 wood bitches September 29, 2011
One who eats like a pig or chews noisily.
Can you stop eating like a Biddle and chew with your mouth shut?

Alex was really Biddling his food.
by phantom69 August 01, 2009
an overly obese monster, full of his own shit striving off of others stories, ridiculous story teller with a penis the size of a Japanesse boy, one whos life is a complete joke, no one can take him serious.

Hey look its K-Fed he is such a Biddle.

Nick Noltee got arrested for being a biddle at the airport.

Rosanne = Biddle
by chewbacca the 10th March 17, 2008
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