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description word acutely assigned to a female generally between the ages of 13 to 29, whose rectum suffers massive convulsions when stimulated with African-American penis.
Tyrone: Oh Dang Latrell, Last night I wents and got me a fine little biddy!
Latrell: Oh Shiatt son, did this ones leave a mess brother?
Tyrone: Hells yeah homie, so i smacked her.
by horseman2011 October 12, 2011
It is used in Irish english to mean wine - typically cheap rough wine drunk in large amounts.

And by some kind of extension, women who drink a lot of it
"just drink red biddy for a permanent high" -Christy Moore
by Chaals August 29, 2006
(well first off this is the correct spelling of this word)
This term is used to describe a girl of interest who more likely then not is a little slutty or is down to fuck. (But warning some biddys are fucking teases and do not want to fuck or give head this is a term known as a bad biddy. Stay away from those!!!) There is no exact age for a biddy they can be from 14 and up. This does not mean that the girl has to be pretty, interesting, or actually fun to be around as long as she is fuckable and wants to fuck she is therefore a biddy.
-Where the fuckin' biddys at?
-Dude are you bringing your biddy to the party this weekend.
-Dude we need some bids here i haven't got my dick wet in a minute.
-Fuck man some biddys would be nice right now.
by Nicklaceyishott October 24, 2010
The word used in Le Eel lounge by people who have no clue the meaning of.
"Stupid biddy!"
"Eric, shut the hell up"
by LeEelLounge March 19, 2009
A punk ass bitch! One who will suck your dick. FOR FREE!
Dean was with a biddy last night. He came all over her face.
by Stallonin April 07, 2009
A high school girl, usually around 10th grade, that can, despite her smart cookiness, sometimes act intolerant, egoistic, and like a smartass.
Jawden: Woah! Carly is such a biddy sometimes, right?
Anonymous: Oh yea. Big time
by looney lue March 08, 2009
Often used to describe a teenager (ages 13-17) who acts like a bitch; little bitch;

biddies - a group of people that act like a biddy.
"Hey, look at that kid Mike Valentino, he is such a biddy!"

"Those girls over there are such biddies."
by bendover1234 February 19, 2009