A beloved reptile
My biddy got out of it's cage yesterday, we were searching for hours!
by je$$!3 October 16, 2010
Describes a typical sorority girl with little apparent intelligence who says "like" and "oh my god" a lot and dresses in polo shirts, mini skirts & uggs.
Look at all that biddy in her letters. Doesn't she care about anything besides her looks and pop culture?
by MarianSch July 10, 2008
young girls who dress in expensive clothing and take lots of photos that they post on facebook. these girls tend to think they're older and cooler than they actually are. usually the age ranking is from 11-14. the mall is their natural habitat.
oh look, little biddy uploaded her new album showing all her facebook friends her fun weekend that no one else cares about
by bammmmf95 August 30, 2010
In the UK usually preceded by the word old to denote a generally annoying old woman getting in the way or ruining your fun. The origin comes from the word Libido or sex drive
that old biddy confiscated by football and wont give it back
by paulfer May 12, 2005
An old woman who gets in the way or is just annoying (sometimes shortened to bid)
Get out the road you stupid old biddy
by Ich September 30, 2003
A biddy is a teenage girl who is fascinated by things such as Myspace, Hollister, digital cameras, shopping malls and most of all: bands. A biddy should never be confused with a prep though as biddys usually are too unpopular and ugly to be mixed into that crowd.
Dude, that biddy sent me a myspace message again, she is coming to our show tonight, ugh.
by Jusssstttttt July 10, 2008
The way people who think they're cool refer to hot women.
I did a biddy last night.
by Chizzle My Nizzle January 15, 2004

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