In Britain it means an old lady, completely opposite to other such definitions.
Get out of the way, you old biddy.
by spudcake December 20, 2004
A "biddy" is one of those girls who wears very short skirts and very high heels in very cold weather, and walk around downtown areas on their way to parties where they're going to get smashed and act like hoes, and then make the walk of shame back to thieir dorms in the same heels and short skirts the next morning.
My favorite past time is definitely biddy watching. I always wait for one of those girls to trip over their rediculous high heels and fall into a pile of snow. Too much fun.
by credittok.plante January 30, 2011
A biddy, simply put, is a girl. Not in a derogatory sense. If you are a girl, and are called this, do not take offense, as it is simply a joke, and not a bad thing in any way shape or form.

Right Mark?
guy, "Hey whats up biddy"
Girl, *laughing "Hey dude whats up!"
Guy, "not much wanna hang out?"
by CCOEaston February 23, 2011
In england its quite the opisite, we call old people old biddies...

2. but in other places, such as america ;-] people use the term as hot girls and friends.. bitches
get out the way you old biddy

i have to help down the old biddies home today = .. it sucks.. comunity service..

2. yah just hangin out wif the homies nd biddies
by khat ;-] May 10, 2008
A European dialect word for 'Chicken or Hen', but was originally a word/sound used when 'calling chickens (i.e. biddybiddybiddy).

It's quite uncommon to hear it now, but it's an old (mostly British colloquialism) to refer to old women (of a certain disposition) as 'birds' or 'hens'.

Subsequently, the term 'Biddy' became a term used to refer to an old women, generally one who is fussy or garrulous.
Mrs. Charleton really has a lot to say about her neighbours, doesn't she.

I noticed that too. What an old biddy.
by GnomeSlice December 30, 2012
Any girl who has no skills or talents beyond her good looks and is proud of this. They are often extremely dumb, shrill, travel in stupid packs, and are occasionally promiscuous. They have put all the eggs of their future in one basket - their looks - but are often haggard, leathery messes by the end of their 20s. In the absence of any real external or internal qualities, biddies often pursue the "hot mess" route to earning peoples' respect and presume those who are laughing at them as people "who can't handle them"
How was the party last night?

Good until those biddies started shouting over everyone and dancing on tables. One biddy ended up crying and puking after throwing her phone at a guy who thought she was a joke
by 1Roebuck February 26, 2014
A person who humps your leg ( follows and copies you) so much you hate them
John was cool until he turned out to be a biddy
by 10thethetruth01 February 08, 2015
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