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When someone invents spurious arguments or seeks disharmony through contradiction or exageration with the sole aim of annoying the other relentlessly.

The wish to constantly upset the other using any verbal means possible.

It is the endlessness of the antagonism that elevates it above a mere Arguvate, Hissy Fit or Tantrum.
Example 1
Tourist: "Look at the yellow sand we are walking on!"
Young Woman: "What sand?"
Tourist: "The sand we are walking on!!!"
Young Woman: "That's not sand, it's beach soil... and it's not yellow!"
Tourist: "Please... don't start Bickering over the Blue Sky with me"
Young Woman: "I'm not!"

Example 2
Friend: "How was your holiday?"
Tourist: "Terrible... we Bickered over the blue sky for 2 weeks solid"
Friend: "Sorry Bro... sounds like she didn't want to be with you"
by Alt Dot October 01, 2010
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