biker in action
hardass biker on his hog
hardass biker (hog rider, mountain biker, crotch rocket rider, etc.) that rides with purpose and an attitude
mean dude on a bike
That Bican was riding one kickass Harley. Mothers, don't let your boys grow up to be Bicans. I am going to join those Bicans and go for a ride.
by RayJr January 27, 2006
Top Definition
The fictitious use of family members in office fantasy sports leagues to effectively control veto procedures and move players between one's own teams to better their weekly matchups. Synonym: collusion
Our league was hijacked again by another Bican incedent.
by CDM February 06, 2006
A Bican is a bitch that is a rican dick queen.
That bitch sucked it up good.
by Wil April 01, 2005
Another pet from Venetopia; one of the first pets; looks like a mix between an eagle and a fish.
It's funny that my Bican can swim AND fly.
by true_vampire13 December 14, 2003
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