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biker in action
hardass biker on his hog
hardass biker (hog rider, mountain biker, crotch rocket rider, etc.) that rides with purpose and an attitude
mean dude on a bike
That Bican was riding one kickass Harley. Mothers, don't let your boys grow up to be Bicans. I am going to join those Bicans and go for a ride.
by RayJr January 27, 2006
1 3
The fictitious use of family members in office fantasy sports leagues to effectively control veto procedures and move players between one's own teams to better their weekly matchups. Synonym: collusion
Our league was hijacked again by another Bican incedent.
by CDM February 06, 2006
0 1
A Bican is a bitch that is a rican dick queen.
That bitch sucked it up good.
by Wil April 01, 2005
0 2
Another pet from Venetopia; one of the first pets; looks like a mix between an eagle and a fish.
It's funny that my Bican can swim AND fly.
by true_vampire13 December 14, 2003
1 4