The insertion of a pen, primarily of the brand bic, into someone's rectum.
Person #1 moon Person #2

Person #2 "Bic his ass!"

Person #3 inserts a pen in person #1's ass.

Person #4 "Oh shit, he just got bic'd."
by Matt Hoover May 07, 2004
This word has no set definition. It can take the place of any noun which at the time of speaking escapes you. However, it is always a noun. (It's like "whatchamacallit".)
"Hey, what's the... um... mmmm... the, um... bic... doing there?"
big italian cock opposite of SPRC (( small puerto rican cock))
mark irizarry has a SPRC but MD1 has a BIC
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
A BIC is a person who is Bitchy, Iglooy, and cute!
Your my BIC and i love you!
by Julisa April 13, 2004
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