A unit of measurement used to define the area of hair shaved from a monobrow to form 2 normal eyebrows. Each "bic" is equivalent to a standard disposable razor width.
"Dan has taken a bic out of his mono"
by fatbaldbloke May 02, 2010
acronym for Bitch In Charge
Paris: It's my party! I want it done my way!
Tom: God, can we say Bitch In Charge(BIC)?
by Ambria October 08, 2007
verb: to completely shave one's head. Usually when one's hair is notably long in the first place.
Jens decided to BIC his mullet for graduation.
by Orange Hat June 26, 2005
This is an MC's most powerful weapon...the pen. "Bic" is the name of the most common use pen.
I was writin' lyrics, just me and my bic.
by dreone May 01, 2003
Possibly the greatest invention in the world next to crack

used in the process of smoking as in
--Camel Wides
--Marlboro Reds

pass th pipe and bic im gettin high!!!!
by Sean Fitzpatrick September 01, 2008
Abreviation for "boner in class" or sometimes used as a "boner in church"

pronunciation: "BIK"
damn, last block i had a bic for like the whole time and the teacher kept makin us stand up and shit.
by mxzrider May 17, 2005
The crappiest surfboard known to man (apart from NSP). Pop out boards. No proper shaping, so basically unturnable, primarily designed so they can be dragged down the beach on the floor. Virtually indestructible(unfortunately). Trademark of a kook.
1) 'AHHHHHHHHHHH BIC' (kerplunk)
2) 'What the hell! Get out of my way! Bang splash ow.'
by ThePurpleSmurf October 18, 2006
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