a person who does very dirty things to books.
"Why is there lipstick on my book?"

"Sorry,I'm a bibliophile."
by Yourfacesickens February 07, 2009
Top Definition
People that love books
There are few bibliophiles anymore compared to the number of vidiots
by wordslut January 29, 2008
Mixing the words "Pedophile" and "Bible" together, according to the famous Banana Man; Ray Comfort.
Leonie: "As a bibliophile, I'm sure..."

Ray Comfort: "If you call any other Christian on this page a 'bibliophile' I will ban you."

Leonie: "It means lover of books"

Ray Comfort: "I thought it was just another atheist insult, a cross between pedophile and Bible. My sincere apologies. Still learning. Best wishes."
by PM Atheist April 11, 2013
lanky caucasian male with an acute book fetish. also has an extreme ability to multi task reading with any activity. native to libraries and book stores across the uk; but mainly originates from east lancashire. typical markings include a long curly mane and distinctive facial hair of a jesus like resemblance.
shaun anthony hyde is such a bibliophile!
by bexsipoo August 02, 2011
A person who fucks books.
-Johnny! Your dinner's rea--Oh God you're fucking my Bible!

-Sorry Mom, I'm a bibliophile. What can I say?
by McMeddles January 23, 2009
a deeply religious paedophile.
no i won't show you my crucifix, you dirty bibliophile.
by pubix January 14, 2008
One who enjoys the act of raping the bible.
Look at that blibliophile, all over his bible.
by De-man July 26, 2005
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