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Not exactly a degrading term for any Christian, like "bible hugger". This describes a good for nothing Christian who actually does everything the Bible says; refrains from swearing, watching bad movies, having sex, and any other kind of fun. Worse yet, they nag at other non-Christians they come in contact about their lack of christian belief and guilt trip them to change their ways.
"Jeremy gets pissed every time I decide not to come to church. I like to remain neutral. We live in a nation where we have the right to go to Church. It should not be forced upon us. It's not the 70s! It's the 2000s! I wish he could stop being such a Bible Pusher and give me some space from his crap!"

"Male Gibson directed the film "The Passion of Christ" with more attention to the physical violence than was needed. Through this film, he's trying to force the gospel into people's minds, not from the "great things Jesus Christ did for us" but rather the morbid way he died. He's being a Bible Pusher from exposing the public to this."
by hekifier March 28, 2009

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