An infamous sikh militant leader known for his demand for a separate state for sikhs. He was an alleged criminal wanted by police for crimes like: murder of many hindus and moderate sikhs, rape and pillage. Finally he was hunted down by the Indian army in 1984. He was heavily armed and hiding in the golden temple with his followers and fellow millitants. The Indian Army carried out an operation called "Bluestar" to flush out the militants from the sacred temple. Although most sikhs today condem this operation but they forget the very fact that Bhindranwale was himself firing grenades and bullets across the temple complex. He had no regard for the sacred temple otherwise he would'nt have dared enter its premises so heavily armed and used it like his bunker.
Bhindranwale was a coward not a martyr!!
by Tramp120 April 05, 2010
Top Definition
A great sikh leader who stood up against the injustices happening to the innocent sikhs within punjab. he preached sikhi and many people had benefitted. he also showed resistance against the injustices, the evil indian government caused after what happened in 1978, when 13 singh had been killed in a peaceful protest after a fake guru (put there to confuse the sikhs from their real guru, guru granth sahib ji) had insulted guru granth sahib ji and started insult sikh for no reason at all. he could not solve this problem peacefully, about india trying to destroy sikhi, so he start a khalistan movement and during this many injustices happened to innocent sikhs such as rapes and fake police encounter.

india is responsible for sikh massacre in 1984, muslim massacre in 2002 and attacks on many christian churches.
Bhindranwale was a great martyr.
by Humongous Among Us June 15, 2010
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