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the gangsta pimp dat u all needa hide ur ho's from.
wotch out ho's bhavik'll sweep u off u feet n u wont no wot hit cha
by kalpin September 10, 2006
The highest level of coolness normally accompanied by a bevy of gorgeous and beautiful women.
The Bhavik name can only be given to those knighted by Her Majesty and is the highest level of achievement a man can receive. Usually reserved for the elite forms of the male species.
eg 1) To be or not to be, that is the question ONLY which a Bhavik can answer.

eg 2) "Father", the young one asked, "when I grow up I want to be a Bhavik!"
Father replied proudly, "I wish you do, we all need a hero right about now to save us all."

eg 4) "How on Earth did you did that - THIS IS MADNESS", shouted the messenger curiously. The all-mighty shouted back with confidence, "No my dear friend, T-H-I-S IS BHAAAAVIK!!!!".

Indian word meaning pedofile, or person that stalks children.
'Man that guy's a creepy bhavik, preying on those innocent kids...'
by jesus likes cheese September 11, 2011