The state or condition of having reached a legendary level of coolness such that your existance is no longer governed by the same laws, restrictions, and limits that apply to all other mortals.
Coolness is measured in "Bhakti's." So far, the highest ranking person, place, or thing on the sliding scale from 0 to 1 Bhakti's is the Penguin, ranking in at .03 Bhakti's.
by Stan March 26, 2005
Top Definition
An extroadinary, unique feature due to the over-growth of hair above the eye. ie the eyebrow. Bhakti is pronounced: Back-t
'Yo bitch is tha' a bhakti on yo face?!'
'Dang bitch u need to shave that bhakti off yo face!'
by Pussy123 May 10, 2008
The hottest girl ever like seriously this girl is so beautiful, and damn that smile! it just gets u! She's proper clever and has the most pengest body. The perfect wifey material and the bestest friend u cud ever ask for. She's the definition of perfect!
That girl Bhakti's so peng!
by Jason Sparks April 14, 2008
The act of falling asleep or randomly leaving instant messenger without an away message and not returning for a few hours.

The act of asking too my hypothetical questions.
You just pulled a bhakti!
by locks March 06, 2005
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