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'Good', 'a lot of'.

Taken from the notion of a heavy yorkshire accent pronouncing the term 'bare' used by today's youth and using the same meaning.

Commonly used equivalents include: beys, beyings, bare, beyks
That's a beya cuppa tea you done there, love
by KingVegemite October 03, 2010
the most awesomest girl in the world.
anyone named beya is super awesome.
by coolkid100 May 18, 2010
a phrase used to show happiness
my frend showed he was happy by sayin beya
by dakota sample February 13, 2008
just like beyatch except without the tch. bg= i think it sounded better. so i said it, duh.
those beyas best stfu 'fore i pwn them like xcore, yo.
by David Cabrera February 03, 2005