Sex directly caused by beer/any alcoholic beverage.
anyone thats tryin to get drunk and have sex, usually being a one night stand, Spread the bex.

Dude did you see Zach lastnight?
Yaa, he was so bexed


She was so sloppy lastnight,What a slut
Well yeah duh, she was bexin hard
Ew,how grimey......


Through highschool I was always bexing
by Jeffry Dohmer August 06, 2011
The compleat best kind of sex!
That was some nice Bex last night!
by wooo woo kadoo March 04, 2008
(becks) v., To glance from side to side in an expression of dubiousness or wariness; a method of silently conveying uncertainty about the situation at hand.

bexed, bexing

I could not help but bex madly while she told me the story of how she ended up having sex with her son's friend.
by Indispensable Smiley March 20, 2008
prefix to add the becky-boom to the bounce for all ladies with the bex tag
bextra fresh
by bex b-c February 20, 2004
Derived from the term 'vex'. Angry, or to disply anger at something.
I'm bex! Just lost my phone.
by Sheff 20 April 20, 2009
bex is the most sexiest word i know, especially wen u look @ all becky platt, very nice.........
oh bex i know you want me, cum here mummy
by ermdontno February 04, 2004
The world's skankiest and nastiest hoe bag EVER. She's infested with AIDS and HIV. Loves to cyber and trade nudes.
Oh man did you just see what Lindsay Lohan did?

Yeah, she's such a Bex!
by Nonyadamnbusiness November 28, 2009

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