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When drunk, Beverly is OUTTA CONTROL! She is always down for whatever, no matter how crazy that whatever may be! She's loud, obnoxious, makes out with girls, is never opposed to skinny dipping, eats everything in sight, and never makes a date! She visits pound town and rdr on the reg
Did yall see that Beverly last night? She was so drunk I bet she woke up in a tub of ice with no kidneys this morning, and doesn't remember a thing, especially not getting ran through.
by mirandaleighanne September 09, 2011
boring-ass town in Massachusetts with nothing to do but go to school and get high behind the 7 eleven, which is now the lucky 7. or you can leave. i recommend leaving. there is nothing to do here.

home of the panthers. roar.
lady: I think we're going to move to Beverly!

other lady: HAHAHAHA good luck with that! say sianora to soberity!

lady: oh. never mind. we'll move to lynn.

other lady: DONT MOVE TO LYNN.
by i hate suburbia February 12, 2010
an ice cold drink on a hot summer's day
hey, let's go to the gas station and get a beverly!
by km-KP July 21, 2008
A satanic drink produced by coka cola that is NOT popular in Italy (contrary to Disney's information)
Drinking an ounce of beverly lead to me throwing up 20oz of stomach acid.
by spednar April 19, 2009
a low life cunt who drinks alot and doesnt give a crap about her kids or life. she drinks all the time and cant be sober for more than 24 hours.
yo!!!! my Beverly doent like me, she always leaving.
by Ayo_jai October 24, 2009