When drunk, Beverly is OUTTA CONTROL! She is always down for whatever, no matter how crazy that whatever may be! She's loud, obnoxious, makes out with girls, is never opposed to skinny dipping, eats everything in sight, and never makes a date! She visits pound town and rdr on the reg
Did yall see that Beverly last night? She was so drunk I bet she woke up in a tub of ice with no kidneys this morning, and doesn't remember a thing, especially not getting ran through.
by mirandaleighanne September 09, 2011
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n. one who is bringing sexy back; one who is a mammajamma; one who is straight up gangsta; one who is a BFF; one who takes M-Diddy to prom; one who mingles with chemistry teachers; one who has hott buttery buns; one who is hillbilly
Beverly is Jackocrackolyn, yo!

Beverly and Beatrice are BFF's!

by BeatriceandBeverly February 10, 2009
She's usually quite beautiful, in a unique and stellar kind of way. You'll want to stare at her and try to figure her out, but she will laugh and look away. She loves books and art, and enjoys vintage music. She is the type of girl who is usually in a long term relationship and she loves her boyfriend with her whole heart. She is something special, and if you find a girl named Beverly you should do everything you can to keep her.
"Who is that girl? She's... amazing."
"Oh, that's Beverly. She's incredible but I swear she is gonna marry her boyfriend. She loves him."
by The guy that loved her August 23, 2012
Beverly means Meadow of the Beavers and is dirived from Old English.
Hi My name is Beverly.
by Hinata September 09, 2006
A girl who does not take shit from anybody, who is always ready yto fight.She has a lot of friends but people tend to think she is annoying. Other then that she is very gorgeous, feisty, intelligent, and has a nice body. She is talented. She is unique and different.
Did you see Beverly today? she looked pretty but not her attitude. UGHHHH!!! she can be annoying sometimes
by togoodforya23 March 23, 2011
A sexy woman who would be beautiful if she would smile more. Great in bed, will do almost anything, and just can't say "No." Perfect girlfriend, but you'd want somebody more focused for a wife.
The first time we went to bed, Beverly told me she wouldn't do anal. I think that meant she'd do anything else.
by ultimobear July 18, 2014
BEVERLY... Hmmm.... She's the kinda girl who goes swimming in her living room or kitchen at 5am. She's the one with a little sister who laughs like a horse and is a phycho crazy bitch maniac. Beverly, also known as the Bevester or the Bevenator!
Oooh! Look at the Bevester (Beverly) doin her swim dance in the kitchen!!!
by t3@d13 July 14, 2010
a sexy Puerto Rican with a mix a Cuban. She's the bitch that doesn't give a fuck but will fuck you up. She pretty much has it going on, you know what I mean.. thick in the hips, tiny waist.. pretty much DAMN dime piece.
Damn I wanna date a dime piece like Beverly, mmm mm mm so fine
by James J. Henry March 12, 2011

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