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Spoken name of the Ultimate Evil.
"I dare to shout 'Betz!' the spoken name of the Ultimate Evil! I dare not ever utter It's Unspeakable Name, It's Unspoken Name, It's True Name!!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 10, 2007
Betz- adj An extremely scared and random muthafucker.Anyone scared to do shit or say shit.
Kevin man up, you're such a fuckin Betz
by Cole January 17, 2005
A total whore, made famous by her antics on Charter Day 2013 with a certain canadian, and renowned for underage drinking, sex, and drug usage. Commonly used alongside the term, "Bed-shitter".
That girl reminds me of Betz so much!
I know man! I had barely started to talk to her and she was already taking my pants off!
whore anal lover reed fisting dirty blonde slut skank party whore sloot bed-shitter drunk pussy pussy marijuana ted kapp ridge freshman dayton sweg yolo 420 kush kosher
by Ridge's Savior October 20, 2013