Someone who gloats, and thinks that she is all that,and might have a big ego. Might have very high standers to winning.
Did you see Betty when she won that card game. WOW.........
by Scorpio0 February 04, 2009
A patient with diabetes, a diaBETIc. (Medical slang).
"Did you give that betty on Ward 4 his insulin?"
by Dr. Mbogo December 10, 2006
Awsome character from Kung Pow. Has two triangle shaped nubs that make him super-evil and powerful.
"Swingin' the chain! Swingin' the chain!"


"I could dance like that... if I wanted too."

"Owwwww! I fell and hurt my stomach! Nyyaaahh!"
by Tristan & Elise November 03, 2004
Slang for police

Derived from the cartoon character "Betty Rubble" from The Flintstones.

You'll find her wearing a blue dress.
Outrun Betty in the getaway car, keep their money.
by RB_ March 01, 2006
another word for awkward
we had a betty silence,

mmm betty!
by (Ryano) August 13, 2006
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