a a very hot and nice girl who typically hangs out around the skater crowd shes a great friend but if you get with her shes an amazing girlfriend shes not easy even if your with her but once shes turned on she gives the best sex of your life.
you see that girl over there? I think shes a betty.
by meat.head August 13, 2010
Betty Page is the inspiration for the term betty, which means a sexually desireable, and hot young woman, or prospective lay. The hottest nude model of the of "black and white" photographic era. Also, her trademark hair style in jet black.
You take the one in the polka dot blouse, I'll take Betty Page.
by Jim Inman August 25, 2006
Slang term for a girl who associates with the punkrock/skateboarding/alternative subculture(s). The term originates from pin-up model Bettie Page's signature haircut with short bangs, a common fashion trait for girls in these subcultures.
The origins of the term "betty" has nothing to do with Betty Rubble, Betty Boop, or with the stereohype that it is a sure "bet" that a betty will have sex on the first date; at least, as far as I'm aware.
by Johnny J. Rockability January 28, 2008
Betty often refers to a surfer girl or skater girl. In mountain towns it refers to a girl snowboarder, but only the ones that can actually snowboard. Bettys are pretty and amazing girls. You are very lucky to know or have a Betty in your life.
Person 1: Hey bro did you just see that beautiful girl go down that mogul run?

Person2: Yea, she is such a Betty
by SnowboardAbay4Life November 28, 2011
also 'betties'

a term created by the popular clothing line Hollister which calls men 'Dudes' and girls 'Bettys'
Why the hell do all the popular girls call girls Bettys? Are they on crack or something?
by Shloppin-gunk April 17, 2005
Despite what most young people now believe, the word "Betty" never had anything to do with hotness. It started in the 80's and simply means a girl who skates, a girl who surfs, or any girl who does something that the boys are doing. Betties are cool, but aren't necessarily attractive.

Word evolution is okay, except when it comes out of ignorance, and you end up losing a really great word.
They still haven't torn up that old church pool we used to go to; tonight we're going bring a flood light and some 40's and skate it for a few hours. This betty we know might show up and bring a couple of her friends.
by jessbertrand July 03, 2011
Shortened name for Betties for Boobies, a Dallas Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure team.
What those Betties are doing is amazing. I'm going to donate to them today!
by BettyGirl2010 May 11, 2010

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