A cool kind of girl, teens in aussie use this word to describe girls. Their generally laid back surfer chicks who just chill out.
Guy1: Heyy look at that Betty over there! I'd like to ride her wave.
by Betties March 01, 2006
A term for the testicles, rhyming slang - Betty Swollocks.
My bettys are sticking to my leg it's so hot.
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
Referencing pot. Another word for marijuana.
Used specifically as a code word when refering to getting high off the bud.

"Dude, wanna come over and smoke some Betty tonight?"

"Look at the crystals on that bud! That Betty is wet!"
by Bandit West May 16, 2007
Term used to describe a female snowboarder.
Ignorant boy 1 - "Did you see that guy land that nine?"
Boy 2 - "Dude, that was a Betty!"
by NoPiece April 03, 2007
slang term used to describe a cigarette
Hey man can i score a Betty?
by Shmerg July 10, 2008
Another term for vagina. It came from a pubic hair dye product called Betty.
Dude, that chick is all over you. Her Betty is definitely ready!
by Jerred September 12, 2007
Someone who gloats, and thinks that she is all that,and might have a big ego. Might have very high standers to winning.
Did you see Betty when she won that card game. WOW.........
by Scorpio0 February 04, 2009
Someone who talks alot. About things that you dont generally give a fuck about.
She also makes her own clothes
Carol talks about her pal val, whose aunt gina's pal bought a new duvet cover from TG hughes for £2. Carol is therefore a betty
by M.A.S.E September 11, 2008

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