A cool kind of girl, teens in aussie use this word to describe girls. Their generally laid back surfer chicks who just chill out.
Guy1: Heyy look at that Betty over there! I'd like to ride her wave.
by Betties March 01, 2006
your fists.
you wanna fight. put up them betties.
by axman August 17, 2010
Shortened name for Betties for Boobies, a Dallas Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure team.
What those Betties are doing is amazing. I'm going to donate to them today!
by BettyGirl2010 May 11, 2010
Everyone's favourite armrest~! :D
Betty'sso short, perfect for using as an armrest~!
by kukuku November 19, 2011
The Britsh version of the US slang Benjamins - used to describe money (its all about the Benjamins etc)

Derives from the fact that Queen Elizabeth's (Betty) head is on the sterling notes.
'You coming out for a drink mate?'
'Nah, sorry, bit short on Bettys this month
by AnnaP December 05, 2007
1. a girl who won't stop listening to modern rock and hates to be alone
2. she wont stop carving question marks in your wrist
3. only she knows how the story goes
Betty: I rock the haro sport. I rock the cowgirl blues. I rock to fast for love I'm footloose in my velcro shoes.

Betty, I need you, I miss you, I'm so alone without you to call up on the weekends with my cellular phone.
by just another betty February 10, 2010
part of the spoonerism for sweaty testicles..betty swollocks.
just had to jump in the pool to cool off the old betties
by flyboy888 June 04, 2006
betty was a derogatory term for women in the punk/grunge scene, it was meant to say a woman was of the 50's stay at home mom mindset, like betty rubble.
it was more of a fun talkin shit to your progressive chick friends, but no one seems to remember this.
girl: can i get another beer?
guy: betty get back in the kitchen where you belong!
by icwater December 31, 2010

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