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More commonly known as BPS. This is a condition common in teens and college age persons in which one is perpetually unsatisfied by a given party, get-together, hoedown, blowout, rage, and/or shindig regardless of the actual quality of said event. This results in an inexplicable and insatiable desire to search for a superior party, thereby insulting the hosts and annoying all of their friends.
Sally and all of her friends are at a swinging high school get-together. Everyone is enjoying themselves; everyone that is... except for Sally.

Sally: Hey, so what's Billy up to tonight?
Friend X: Billy? I dunno. (while taking a shot)
<one minute later>
Sally: I just texted him! He says he's having people over. We should go!
Friend X: Why?
Sally: I don't know. I'm bored. Let's check it out. (looking nonchalant)
Friend X: Ugh. Fine. (turning to Friend Y) We're going to Billy's.
Friend Y: Looks like another night ruined by BPS (Better Party Syndrome).
by I Am The Party March 05, 2009
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