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The old-school act of hand sewing; sewing without using a sewing machine.
My sewing machine is broken, so I am Betsy Rossing my dress.
by PNO GRL June 21, 2013
This is when you have sex with a woman who is on her period. You then grab her by her ankles and drag her back and fourth across the sheets making red strips that resemble the american flag.
Damn, I banged Kristen last night on her period and then did a Betsy Ross.
by Columbiakev May 19, 2011
Having sex on the flag of the United States of America.
I was at the Smithsonian the other day with my gf and we went for the Betsy Ross behind the Lincoln exhibit.
by Dan Caplan May 14, 2008
A tremendously clutch defication. Such as one that can be taken at the basement of the Betsy Ross house in Philidelphia. Also known as just a Betsy.
Man, after eating that Indian Buffet, I need to take a Betsy Ross.
by Your Momma January 27, 2005
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