-Someone who needs money badly
i saw a beto yesterday beside the mall
by anonymous13424 January 19, 2009
To plug a-hole to its fullest capacity using random inanimate objects.
Damm i could sure go for beto right about now.
by Alpha Kenny Wun January 28, 2004
This is a guy who has gender identity problems, makes up people that apparently are a part of his "life," and has race issues. He tries to pretend he is a male who happens to be metrosexual, but is gay in secret. He most likely shoves random sex toys up his ass hole without any lube; he likes that manly feeling like that! He bitches about all the racism in the world (especially the little world around him) yet he himself is a racist. He often will create fake profiles on the internet to make it seem like he has new "friends" or a new "girlfriend." He is unable to come up with his own insults, so if you get into a verbal battle, it will probably go similarly to an intellectual battle with a dead Down's child that has hit rigor mortis. He often thinks of himself highly, but in reality, he is lower than that. He is a loser who doesn't have a job, lives at home with his parents and bitches more than a woman with a tampon shoved too far in her pussy that hasn't gotten laid in 20 years. No one should ever date a Beto unless they truly hate themselves.
Female 1: I wish I could find a real man to settle down with....

Female 2: Well, then don't go for a Beto!

Female: Urg!

Male: Sweetie, what's wrong?

Female: I need a date for this convention, but i don't want anybody who is crazy.

Male: I was going to say you could ask Beto, but since you said nobody crazy...that's out.
by Lori_Meyers April 26, 2009
Soccer maniac...wondering why...well..i know!!..he has an obsession with balls around him. Friend of pedophile and helps in the process. Checks out guy's asses during the superbowl. Wannabe gangsta...tries to rape people but fails...not good enough.Little girls walk away...not interested.
Hey guys look humberto is coming!!...hide little girl...now!
by Your mother February 08, 2005
1. The act of constantly stuffing one's anus with inanimate objects.
2. Term used to describe a sodomy fetish in which pine cones are inserted into your anus.
1. Damn homie i havent gotten laid in so long i beto myself with an economy pack of twizzlers
by fozzie January 27, 2004

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