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A woman who must shave twice a day in order to keep from being approached by Side Show promoters.

Also-The Bestman in a lesbian wedding. (A very common term in San Francisco)
Did you see that Bethman's 2 o'clock Shadow?!

The Bethman let out a loud burp as she handed her th ering!
by Tim Freckman March 20, 2003
1 10
The muscle in a female gang.
When the homegirl turned stoolie the boss sent the Bethman in!
by Snoot March 17, 2003
16 3
The best "Man" at a lesbian wedding. This is a very common expression in San Francisco.
The Bethman handed Butch the ring.
by Doug Smith March 17, 2003
8 7
Derogatory East coast slang meant to describe an angry lesbian.
SHe turned into a real Bethman when she caught her girlfriend with a guy!
by Eastern Larry March 17, 2003
8 8
A burly female who empties bed pans in a nursing home.
The Old man groped the Bethman while she emptied his bed pan.
by Not a Democrat March 17, 2003
0 2
A tatooed female arm wrestler.
Bill was knocked out of the contest in the first round by that huge Bethman!
by Bethman's Brother! March 17, 2003
2 7
A know-it-all intellectual lesbian. This is a gay subculture definition we use in the Southeast (Alabama)
I am so tired of listeing to Bethman over there running off at the mouth about shit she doesn't really know about!
by Bruce March 27, 2003
1 7
A woman that needs to shave every morning to avoid being visited by side show recruiters.
My sister has a 3 o'clock shadow. What a Bethman!
Did you smell that Bethman's Cheap AfterShave?!?
by Tim Freckman March 14, 2003
2 9