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To leave ones ring imprint on anothers face following the act of being kimmed
Alex slapped his testicles around Beth's face in a decidedly feminine manner. Beth in return left an imprint of her ring on Alex's face and left him Bethed
by Slabber's Bird August 08, 2009
To be beth-ed you have to have some sort of connection with a bethany. She has to do something that is absolutely horrible to you, and thus you are beth-ed.
1. person 1: omg why did you break up with bethany?
person 2: because she cheated on me
person 1:aww, you've just been beth-ed.
2. person 1: why do you hate bethany?
person 2: because shes a whore; simple as that and because ive been beth-ed by her
person 1: what did she do?
person 2: she took my boyfriend
person 1: shame, but dont worry he'll figure out that bethany's are never good girlfriends.
by xlolxhahaxlol February 24, 2009