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N. An authority figure who doesn't tattle.
N. Someone who smokes only legal products.
We never get in trouble for drinking at the dorms, our Resident Assistant is such a bethanne!

Bethanne doesn't smoke marijuana, only hookah.
by ARKLady February 05, 2010
A really unique, different person who everyone loves. She's really funny and no one could say a bad thing about her. She's popular but really down to earth and not a snob. She's friends with everyone and she's pretty smart for the most part. She's really beautiful, on the inside and out, but she's not noticed by guys a lot of times. She's hard to get but loves easily. She's a tough girl and will break u of u break her. She's very insecure and doesn't believe anyone when they tell her she's beautiful. She tries her best to please anyone and everyone.
Boy 1: "Wow! That girl is so pretty!

Boy 2: "Yea but she never believes u when u tell her she is?!"

Boy 1: "I know, it's because she's such a Beth Anne."
by Elephant poop September 12, 2013
N. a petite person with big boobs.
V. not affiliated with greek life at a university.
I don't know how she finds shirts that fit, shes such a Bethanne!

Did she rush this semester? No, shes bethanne.
by ARKBlonde February 05, 2010